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We have a new Rocco the Rock Star Kids book for babies and toddlers

We are excited here at Rocco HQ! We have a new Rocco the Rock Star Kids book for babies and toddlers! This 10-minute bedtime rhyming story is packed with feel-good vibes and kindness. 

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⭐Rocco the Rock Star Steak in a Bowl⭐


A delightful, fun adventure story inspired by and set in Stow-on-the-Wold featuring real life rescue dog Rocco the Rock Star and his Pawsome Pals on their canine capers around town.

An easy read with original, engaging illustrations that help convey a simple life lesson that being thankful for what you have is a great start to having a happy life.

The fun begins with a simple misunderstanding that takes Rocco and his newest pal Suzi on a wild goose chase all around the ancient, narrow streets of Stow. Join them as they find out what lies behind one of the most famous doors in England!

Discover the Heartwarming Tale of Rocco and His Pawsome Pals: A New Children's Book Filled with Kindness, patience and Courage, and Doggy Adventures!

“Looking for a heart-warming bedtime story for your kids? Check out ‘Rocco and His Pawsome pals,’ a new children’s book written by Rachel Smith and Charlie Ford, the proud owners of Rocco, a rescued dog who inspired them to spread the messages of kindness, patience, and courage.

Rocco’s journey began when he was rescued from a rubbish tip in Romania by a stranger who showed an act of kindness in the dead of night and pouring rain. The stranger took Rocco to a rescue shelter owned by an inspiring lady named Maria. Rachel was deeply moved by Rocco’s story and decided to share it with the world together with Charlie. The book is a true testament to the power of love and friendship between humans and their furry companions.

Rachel and Charlie, both dog lovers and great friends, live in the picturesque Cotswolds and spend most of their time with their doggy pals, writing doggy adventures. ‘Rocco and His Gang’ is a perfect bedtime story for kids who love dogs and want to learn important values. Get your copy today and join Rocco’s gang!”

Based on a True Story – Filled with Excitement, Laughter and Love

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Join Rocco's Gang and Explore the Cotswolds

Rachel and Charlie, both dog lovers and great friends, live in the picturesque Cotswolds and spend most of their time with their doggy pals, writing doggy adventures. In ‘Rocco and His Pawsome Pals,’ readers can join Rocco and his friends on their exciting adventures in the Cotswolds, and learn important values along the way.

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Charlie Ford

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